Eyeliner, Lipstick, & Foundation… Oh My!

All of these things are essential and We’ll teach you why!

Beautiful Women Make-up Class

One of region’s leading makeup artists, Joei Gehron, will  teach you the secrets on how to look and feel your best in your makeup.

  • Learn why does my lipstick bleed?
  • Is my foundation the right color and why do I need it?
  • Why can’t I ever get my eyeshadow and blush to look right?10455671_297207493811415_1654682621328848439_n

You will learn easy tricks such as:

  • Follow the hollow
  • The magic of a sideways “S” and “V”
  • Where to place highlighter to make you look youthful!
  • And More!

You’ll learn simple techniques that will have your makeup looking perfect every time you apply it. You will learn the art of:

  • The proper placement for eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and bronzer!
  • How to apply lip liner!
  • How to keep your lipstick from bleeding!

HURRY! Classes are filling up fast!

Each student will receive:
  • 1 Eyeliner
  • 1 Lip Liner
  • 2 Eye Shadows
  • 1 Set of Makeup Brushes
A $75.00 Value!
October 23, 2016 – $130.00
All Classes are from 2:00-4:30 at Simplicity Salon.

Joei will work with each student individually, until you feel confident and comfortable applying your makeup

Feel free to bring your own makeup and she’ll show you how to use it!

Beauty is empowering. When we feel beautiful, we feel happy. When we feel happy, we feel confident. With the right lipstick, WE ARE CONFIDENT!