Capsicum Hot Rub

capsicumHotRubDry, Sensitive, Oily, Normal, Combination

The perfect treatment cure for sore and tense muscles utilizing the natural extract Capsicum.


Light peach lotion with the scent of Menthol and Eucalyptus.


Lightly massage a small amount directly to muscle pain or area of arthritis pain. This Hot Rub can also be used in the pedicure foot treatments. Add a special service to your massage rooms for extra treatment of stress muscles and tension. Apply only to small areas of the body. This formula can be diluted with Almond & Avocado Body Lotion or the Massage Crème to reduce the intensity for fair skin clients that may be sensitive. Wash hands after each application. Avoid eye area.


This natural deep muscle rub contains Capsicum extract derived from the fruit of the cayenne pepper plant. Regarded by many herbalists as the most stimulating herb. Experience for yourself the wonderful cooling and relaxing effects of this rich greaseless creme. An excellent product for tense muscles around the shoulders and back of the neck area caused by stress.

Key Ingredients

Capsicum Extract – Derived from the fruit of the cayenne pepper plant. Warming effect stimulated blood flow, which helps in reducing inflammation. Menthol – Obtained from peppermint oil. This reviving fragrance has both awakening and cooling properties. Eucalyptus Extract – Known for its awakening revitalizing fragrance.